Apartment photos

Surrounding photos

Description of the rooms:

  • Living room
  • Living room sofa bed
  • Bathroom
  • Double bed (night)
  • Walk in closet with a loft bed
  • Glass elevator
  • Double sofa (Day)
  • Kitchen
  • Tv LED

In a radius of 3 km you culd visit:

  • Caffarella Park
  • St. John’s Basilica
  • St.Clemente’s Basilica
  • Caracalla Spa
  • Colosseo and Roman Forum
  • St.Calixto’s  catacombs
  • Ipogeo building

After you have seen the presentation photos, check the route and distance on the map below (the route has been estimated if you go by car,on foot it will be shorter.)

If you have an IPAD,click on the photos or enjoy our flash presentation below.

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